Proofpoint or 365 Defender?

What do you guy prefer for 365 Spam Filtering/Security?

Proofpoint or 365 Defender? Something else?

I haven’t used those products before. In the past I have had companies use Norton and barracuda. Both of them are to be about the same.

We use barracuda currently but have used proofpoint in the past. I would choose either of those over 365 defender, we had too many problems with it a few years ago.

Proofpoint is a very solid system that I’ve had a lot of good results from. If you can pair it with the end-user security awareness training then it’s definitely what I would recommend. My only thing I would warn you is that it can be more expensive than other systems. So if you can go without some of the features then there’s room for cheaper.

I do not recommend 365 Defender.

I have heard Proopoint is good, we currently use Mimecast.

Thank you. Why would you not recommend 365 defender?

Which plan of Defender for O365 are you asking about?

We were always disappointed with it and couldn’t quite get it to really work for us like we could other platforms.