Prompt - How did you colorize/format yours?

I am new to Linux, I am forcing myself to learn by installing it on my home PC, I think that I have everything that I need now. What did you do to colorize your bash prompt?

Best of luck! Enjoy Linux!

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Okay, I know you said the Terminal Prompt would be in your GitHub account, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I’d love to use it. Also, can you point me into a location on how to install it? Please only do this if it takes you less than a second or two. I appreciate your help!

Loving Linux so far!

Thanks, loving it so far! I am trying to find the app equivalents, having great luck so far!

It’s on Github here

I also discuss it in my TMUX video

Got it! Thank you! I am also using it now! Can’t wait to see that video today!

is it normal now , it request a username and password ?
tom did something change

$git clone
Cloning into ‘dotfiles’…
Username for ‘’:

You have a typo, there is an S missing