Promox/XCP-ng Server and TrueNAS


I would like to first say that I’m extremely, green when it comes to networking and anything of the like, but I have always have a interest in computing and be able to host my own services. I have built several computers in the past, but that was just for the sake of learning how to build and to have something that I can call my own. So, with that said. I’m looking to build my on NAS (TrueNAS) and my own Promox/XCP-NG (server still doing research on which way to go on the Hpervisor).

  1. For the NAS I’m looking to have a build using 4 to 8 bay I’m looking at creating 2 separate pools on pool with 6 drives that will be used for my data, rendered videos, backup my Proxmox/XCP-ng server etc…

  2. The Second pool will have 2 drives and will be used to store my raw video footage only. I do not plan on using the NAS for transcoding and rendering of this video.
    3.) So what would be the best motherboard/hardware combo that I would need just for this I’m looking for this, I’m not planning on using VM or Apps in this NAS, just strictly using it as storage.

  3. As for the Proxmon/XCP-ng build, I will be using that to host several VM’s and also several apps Vaultwardern, nextcloud (or similar), Jellyfin, music streaming app and maybe a couple of more apps.

  4. This would be the machine that I will be doing all my video editing on as well from the raw footage that is stored on my NAS, and after editing and rendering placing the finished files back on the NAS (I don’t know it that makes sense or not to do it that way)

  5. I plan to install either a 2.5 gbe or 10gbe network card to both the NAS and Proxmox/XCP-ng and connect them directly for faster transfer of videos with out going through the switch (if that is even possible or feasible)

  6. Same as question three what would be the best motherboard/hardware to purchase for this and I’m hoping not to purchase a GPU, but to get something already integrated into the CPU and Motherboard something like 12th or 13th Gen intel’s as I was told they could transcode 4k.

I’m not looking to break the bank on either of these builds and was thinking of no more than $500 on the NAS (without drives) and $750 on the Proxmox/XCP-ng build or I’m I being extremely unrealistic with the pricing for what I’m looking to do?


I think it’s a waste of time building your own machines these days, just buy second hand with new hard drives. That being said finding something that can take 8 drives might not as easy, doubt your NAS needs lots of horsepower too. I have a backup “NAS” only for storage, that runs Debian headless with samba, that might be something you want to consider too.

I run Proxmox on a Lenovo desktop without any issues.

If you do build your own Virtualisation server with Proxmox you ought to check that the 2.5/10g card has drivers. Perhaps consider using a 1G quad card in a LACP lag, might be cheaper. Funny things can happen with some quad network cards when proxmox does updates, so having an onboard NIC that you use for the interface might be wise. Always check how much memory the CPU can address, then shove in as much RAM as you can afford, can never have too much RAM !

In regards to virtualization server, I would recommend using: