Proliant DL380 G7

How reliable were these things? Are they easy to source parts for if it hits the dirt? Looking to build a NAS for one of my customers on a budget.


HP Proliant DL380 G7 Server | 2x 2.66GHz 12 Cores | 32GB | P410 | 2x 600GB |

Guy is only asking $185 with shipping included. Is that a fair deal?

Thanks in advance!

I have never used one, but there are plenty of them on eBay. If you are worried about reliability, buy two of them.

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As someone who has used ProLiant back when Compaq was still around, they are good solid servers.

That being said have the seller provide evidence that the firmware is all up to date. HP has placed their firmware updates behind a paywall now and you will not have access to them without valid support.

Also as Tom suggested buy 2. It is less expensive to buy a second one that to have to source the broken part, as their prices are steadily going up.

Alternatively you could look at a Dell 510/520.

Either if you plan on running FreeNAS make sure the raid controller either supports HBA properly or can be flashed to IT mode.


I would try to go for a Gen8. They are cheap enough now and parts are abundant you can grab one for 400 and up. I actually use a DL380p LFF (large form factor drives) Gen8 for my NAS. A couple of points to consider. The 360’s being 1U will most likely be SFF (2.5" drives) so cost per capacity is gonna be expensive. The other thing to note, the 1U servers are actually louder then the DL380 2U, smaller fans spinning faster. Power consumption isnt that bad. As far as firmware goes, HP stopped releasing updates for the Gen7 a while back and the Gen8 I believe was a yr ago (maybe the same not sure) As far as IT/HBA mode, both the dl360s and 380s can do it with most stock cards they throw in but require you to have a copy of the SPP ISO which you can only get from HP with an account unless you can find it or have the seller send you one. I do have an account I can get you the SPP if need be. They are super reliable IMO as Im sitting on 2x360s and 2x380s (work in the field so I come across them a lot)

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Thanks everyone for the feedback. I decided on going with a used Synology DS412+ and 4 2TB NAS drives from amazon. Came in just under $500.00 and should be great for the customer. Added bonus that it will syn off-site to my B2 account.