Project: Installing 52 Ubiquiti UniFi Wireless Access Points For A Warehouse

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If you come would you try to bring the APs down from the ceiling?

High level curiosity question lookin for the 10000 ft overview.

When you have a big install like this how do you manage signal strength and channels? Do you Use auto or do you manually optimize?

We start with auto and tune if there are issuses. This one is up and running fine on auto,

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I posted this on the YT channel but I’m guessing it won’t be seen by you guys… this was a great video! I’ve been researching what others have been doing for warehouse installations with equipment racks and found it interesting that you went with Omni LR’s down all the isles. Posts I’ve read recommend something like the UMA-D with the UAP-AC-M for directional focus of the signal down a rack isle and to not install HD’s or LR’s because of their omni nature and being prone to interference if positioned too closely to each other.

Are you still recommending LR’s for this type of deployment? I’ve got a 35’ tall warehouse with about 12x160’ long racks, typical configuration, with an assortment of items stored on the shelves, from metal to paper. Was thinking of putting a single LR on a pole facing down, on each isle. I’ve already got an HD pointed down on a pole from a truss in an open area and it works great.

Yes, we have done several warehouse the same way since this video and they all work great.

Awesome, thanks for replying!