Profile Switching Dark mode to Light mode? (To Solve the Sun problem)

I live in the UK :uk: and it starting to get sunny :sunny: and working in the garden seems like a good idea from time to time.

Most the time I work in dark mode with a black background and a dark theme. At the moment I use KDE desktop but I am not unwilling to look around.

If possible I would like to be able to switch between light mode and dark mode which would change a load of setting that would suit that environment. (Tmux theme, Change Wallpaper, QT/GTK app theme)

I tried KDE global themes switching but it is misses a few apps and wallpaper.


I also did think about setting up a Light User and a Dark user, but I think that this can cause other problems with shared files/online services.

I am interested if anyone has a neat solution I am unaware of?

Maybe I just need a Summer Laptop and a Winter Laptop :wink:

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. :clap: