Professional Liability Insurance

Hello, I am setting up my consulting company to help small business get their networks setup and secure. I am focusing on network and security aspect because potential clients are doctor’s offices and some restaurants that don’t have a full-time IT staff or do their own IT work.

I have reviewed some of the previous posts in this forum. I did find the link to and will review later.

However, I would like to find out from the group what they specify when they obtain professional liability insurance. I have made inquires locally and with some of the on-line General and Professional Liability (E&O) insurance brokers. What I found is that if I design the network and provide configuration and equipment specifications, then they can insure, but if my company *implements” the network solution, they won’t insure. (I am trying to paraphrase this).

Basically, my services will re-wire/configure the network, adding a router/switch as needed to properly segment the network physically. I want to make sure I’m insured for this part of the network solution.

What I have found is that many of the SMBs don’t understand networking and risk their company adherence to HIPPA and/or PCI DSS compliance. Not to mention exposing these systems to public access through their hosted wifi service.

Does anyone have any recommendations on an insurance carrier that can support this business model? I’m also looking into the MSP Alliance.


FWIW… I found a solution to this through MSP Alliance.

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