Problems with USG LAN & LAN2 ports communicating

Hello all, thank you for your help.

I have my LAN connected to the LAN of my USG-3 and a NanoHD connect to LAN2. Everything can reach the internet just fine. My LAN cannot ping anything on the wifi side but the wifi can ping the lan just fine.

Ubiquiti forums state they can communicate with each other by default but I still created firewall rule opening everything between the 2 subnets.

OK i ruled out wifi. I disconnected the AP from LAN port 2 on the USG and connected a laptop directly. I’m getting the same problem. I can ping anything on LAN 1 from LAN 2 but not vice versa.

I’ve read there are issues with the 2 LAN ports communicating but the fact that I can ping 1 way but not the other gives me some hope.

Please help.

What is the purpose of using the LAN2 port? Is it to avoid using a separate switch? I have a bunch of spare USG 3 & 4’s sitting on a self in my lab. I’ll take to a look at it tomorrow and see if I can duplicate the same problem. As far as I know the two ports don’t talk to each other and is meant to a future release.

Yes only reason for using that port was because I didn’t have a spare switch. Besides why buy one when the USG had another port. I must have misunderstood the documentation, I thought it was possible, especially since I was able to ping in one direction.
Thanks for the offer but I did find a switch so I’m ok now. Besides I was mostly wanting to learn what I was doing wrong.

Unless you are wrong about the two ports being able to talk to each other, I’d like to learn what was wrong.

This is where I remember reading about the LAN2 post from a r/Ubiquiti :

LAN 2/VOIP port can be a secondary WAN port allowing to load balance across 2 WAN connections (internet).

If configured as LAN2 it is just that, it cannot be combined onto the same network as LAN1. The USG3 does not have any switching capabilities.