Problem with Chrome

Hi all

I have a client with a brand new PC, fresh load of Win 10 Pro.

For some reason, Google Chrome has taken a dump! It displays Establishing secure connection in the bottom left (for 10-20 secs) then either displays the website or says site cannot be reached. Once the site cannot be reached displays, the website will all of a sudden kick in.
Edge and other browsers work perfectly its just Chrome, Automatically detect settings is unticked for proxy. Chrome has been uninstalled/reinstalled 3 times now to see if that cures it - no dice!

Im stumped with this one!

Anyone else come across it?

Thanks in Advance

Not encountered anyone with this problem Chrome usually works out of the box. I stick with Fire Fox for privacy and security reasons. If there is not a compelling reason to use Chrome go to Fire Fox and end the pain, I’m sure you have more pressing issues.