Privileged Linux Containers: Is It Really Unsafe For a Home Network?

I have taken the opportunity to write a blog article about unprivileged Linux containers and joining a Linux client to a Samba domain. While researching privileged versus unprivileged container, I came across a blog post saying that privileged Linux containers are unsafe and I am thinking this is by design. And as the blog article from talks about exploits to a privileged Linux container, what is the likelihood that homelab enthusiasts and businesses are going to run into security issues due to exploits performed against a privileged Linux containers?

In my Proxmox server, the only way I can join a Samba domain (Active Directory Domain Controller) is if I configure the containers to be privileged during the initial LXC creation and I cannot change the option once I have created a Linux container. Plus, Linux containers cannot join to a Samba domain without running with privileges. Even with multiple layers of security in place and only if I am the only one who controls my home network, is privileged Linux containers still considered unsafe? From different perspectives, how do you define “unsafe?” Is it really dependent on a threat model? For example, I never received any phishing emails and I use NoScript in Firefox to keep me safe online.

And I hope I do not mean to sound hyperbolic. To me, it’s all about risk management and how I can manage the risks when dealing with privileged Linux containers.

Update: Got “privileged” and “unprivileged” mixed up in my thread. Whoops…