Private SSH keys were released and many IoT at home at risk! Any help?

Hey guys I have been on Reddit trying to figure this all out but have come down to the conclusion that I have accidentally released my private ssh keys out into the wilderness of the internet and I have found myself connected to many different servers! I was dumb as hell back then and was wreck less just trying to learn programming. Point is I feel that I have had my data being used excessively and I’m working in some sort of sandbox. Please excuse the lack of proper wording I am very very new to all things computer related. I’m wondering if someone can please help with showing me how to go about removing and changing them on each device. (If that’s even necessary idk.) I downloaded an app called Working Copy and found that I was connected to 3 different “Git” sites? They all different codes beginning with SHA256… Also my chromebook is where this all originated I believe and that and my pixel 2 are running Google EVE which I hear is the vulnerable OS of the type to be on there… Any feedback would be literally life changing. Thanks

If you publicly exposed your SSH keys you will need to generate new ones, I have a video on that here and once done simple replace them. If any of the system that had their keys exposed were publicly accessible I would recommend a wipe and reload of those systems.