Price Estimation for Infrastructure Project | Latin America

I recently got the opportunity to build a friend’s network and IT infrastructure. However, I live in a not so developed place (Latin America) and have no comparison for prices etc.

To give a little background: I am an ethusiast with years of knowledge in the area of IT (routers, networking, storage servers like TrueNAS, etc.), but as I said before, without any comparison for a fair price as these things were pure hobby for me and never a real job (also because not many companies can afford expensive infrastructure projects in my region). Of course prices vary and I would never be able to charge the same amount as in western countries. However, I would like to know what you would charge for the project to give me at least one more point to consider a fair price.

Option 1)

  • Site-to-site networks (4 different worldwide locations with 20 employees each)
  • Remote access for employees
  • High availability failover between two ISPs at one site
  • 1 exit node cloud deployment
  • Staff training on Tailscale (setup, usage)

Basically it would come together to a Tailscale setup as many of the business locations depend on not so great double NAT home Internet connections.

Option 2)

  • Including Option 1)
  • Two TrueNAS installations (primary and backup)
  • Bitwarden setup with staff training (setup, usage)

I would recommend the 3-2-1 backup strategy in every case. If you don’t know what I’m talking about look at it HERE.

I think it greatly depends on their needs. I know you talked much about pricing, but what do you actually need in order for their company or business to be productive? What are the details and requirements? Its hard to say which option is best without more information.

Which information do you need? I totally agree on a 3-2-1 backup strategy, but the company is heavily on budget.

I assume they gave you details on what they need, otherwise you would be buying random stuff in your options and asking if it’s good enough.

We need information on how the business functions. Like, how many servers do they need? Do they have employees that work from home? Do they host services from the cloud or on-prem? Do they use network shares? Do have have a windows environment? Do they use Active Directory? Things like this. Now I understand if you aren’t at liberty to discuss this, but it would be hard for anyone to give you any recommendations without these kinds of details.

Here are the facts:

  • Windows environments are used
  • No use of Active Directory

Option 1)

  • Two exit node Wireguard/Tailscale cloud server
  • Mixed worker setup, some remote workers (for that Tailscale would be used)
  • High availability failover between two ISPs at one site (pfSense setup as well as consulting to choose the right ISPs as well cabling)
  • Staff training on Tailscale (setup, usage)
  • Three locations connected to main office via WireGuard (pfsense routers), full tunnel setup

Option 2)

  • Including Option 1)
  • 2 TrueNAS systems (main, and for scheduled backup)
  • Network shares
  • Bitwarden (self-hosted on main TrueNAS system)
  • Staff training on Bitwarden (setup, usage)

I am happy to provide more information. Please tell me what you additionally would like to know to come up with a fair price.

The big package would like look like this:

Main Office

  • pfsense setup including 2 ISP failover, Tailscale and Wireguard
  • TrueNAS main system including Bitwarden

Three Other Offices

  • pfsense setup including full tunnel Wireguard tunnel to main office
  • TrueNAS secondary system (for scheduled backups) in one of the secondary offices

Remote Workers

  • Tailscale for remote access
  • Staff training for Tailscale

All Workers

  • Staff training for Bitwarden

For Tailscale

-2 exit node cloud servers which also run WireGuard

Please tell me what other information do you need. Also please take a look on my other post with added information.