Preferred WiFi Scanner/Analyzer for Windows?

I am curious which WiFi scanner / analyzer software for Windows folks here are using. Some of the commercial products promise interesting features. Are there any products worth paying for?

Am looking for hands-on experiences from actual users to get a sense for what is good and popular nowadays.

– Lucky

Depends what sort of info you are looking for i guess. If you are wanting quick and easy details on signal strength, channel, utilisation and connected clients( as well as a few other things) check out inSSIDer. I use it often.

If you are more so wanting to test the integrity of a WLANs security then there are a suite of opensource tools that can be somewhat customisable to suit your requiremrnts. that being said however, all things have limitations

For design and capacity planning you could check out Ekahau Pro(not cheap). I use it daily, highly capable software.


Yup, inSSIDer is what I’ve been using.

What would be appealing to me is to be able to build a signal heatmap. I.e. what I get when I look at the floorplan in my UniFi Controller, but based on actual measurements, not hypothetical calculations. With the goal of optimizing AP placement in challenging building environments involving masonry and concrete with rebar.

I had the impression some of the newer/fancier WiFi scanner products can do that. Looks like the Ekahau Pro that you are mentioning offers exactly this feature. Alas, I was hoping for something in the perhaps a couple of hundred price range at most. Appreciate the pointer, though!