PPPoE over Ubiquiti PTP

Anyone successfully running a PPPoE connection across Ubiquiti PTP units?

I would like to use a pair of AF60 units to send a FTTP signal from one building to another. Don’t want/need to run a router at the FTTP modem, so looking at simply an AF60 connected to the FTTP modem, but with it’s management set to a VLAN value.

I can then on the receiving side, run everything through a switch, so that the WAN port of the modem is on a pair of untagged ports with the other end of the AF60, and the VLAN value matched to an interface on the firewall to allow management?

The VLAN options on the AF60 is very limited, in comparison say to a Nanobeam where I know I can set a different network on the end of the wire, which I’ve done for a small local WISP.