PPPOE + freeRadius

Hi there.

Would anyone be so kind as to do an extensive video tutorial on pfSense pppoe server with freeRadius.

I can not get it to work together and I have searched through a lot of forums and also on youtube but nothing in english.

They are not really used much here in the USA and it’s not something that I have really worked with.

Hi Tom.

How would you suggest to implement the following.

I have a project to supply internet to 20 units in a business park. I will get a 1:1 backhaul line from a Business ISP.

How do I distribute the internet to the tenants using pfSense. I wanted to use PPPoE with freeRadius, can not get this to work flawlessly.

Please help me out.

I don’t get the point of using PPoE for this, why do they need to authenticate?