Pppoe and pfsense. Windows and apple not working

Hi guys.
I try to pass the external ip from my isp modem To my pfsense box via pppoe.
I created the rule and the devices that already were there are connecting fine to the internet except every single Windows 10 machine that i have, ans even a apple iPhone that my Frine have. My Android phone, cameras,IoT,Freenas,and pop OS machine works fine…
I really scratch my Head on what is could possible be.
Windows firewall? But even when i disable it its the same. On Windows i could only access the machine on my Lan(Freenas) but not to the internet.
In pfsense in the dhcp lease the Windows devices dont appear, even if i imput the ip address of the Windows pc in the same range of the lan.
Lan is static ipv4
If you can help me out to better understand this World i will forever apriciate

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Hi Andrea,

For clarification:

  • Are the Windows machines getting an IP address? (ipconfig)
  • If so, can you ping web sites?
  • LAN is static IPv4? Do you have the DHCP server enabled for the LAN interface?
  • Are you attempting to set static addresses on the Windows devices directly??


Hi Sean,

  • yes w10 machine are getting the Lan ip.

  • i can ping from pfsense to Windows for sure. Tomorrow i will do the opposite as you suggest

  • yes the dhcp server for the Lan is enable

  • yes i try to force setting a static ip on w10, but when i change from automatic grab an ip to manual set it, it dont change anything.

Thank for your reply



I can ping from w10 to pfsense and from pfsense to w10.
The time is right. Is circa 0,130 ms

And yes, i can ping google. I try with 6ms circa

Thanks :slight_smile:

But you also say that windows ipconfig shows you an ip address. Strange.

  1. Are you sure you don’t have an other DHCP server in you LAN?
  2. When you type ipconfig /all are the settings for DHCP Server and DNS Servers correct? (your pfsense box)?

I have not try with ipconfig/all. As soon as i finish working i will do It and check it.
I did not understand what you mean with (your pfsense box) :slight_smile:
What i should expect?

And yes, im sure that i dont have other dhcp server because yes i have other Lan in pfsense but they are not utilized right now. They are disabled and the dhcp server are disable as well

Thanks for your reply

If I understand it correctly your pfsense is your DHCP and DNS Server, therefore you should see the ip address of you pfsense in the lines “DHCP Server” and “DNS Servers”

Yep. My pfsense is my dhcp server and dns server. In the dns page on the webgui i see the dns that i set up( and ) but there is other. Now im not in front of the pfsense but i remember and one that i assume is the dns that the isp is passing

I will give it a try as soon as i return home.

Im searching on the Netgate forum similar problem as mine but without success


I agree with @ThomasG, it really feels like there is another DHCP server here.

What else is enabled on pfSense? Do you have pfBlocker configured?

I have work on it this noon. From what i discovery is a DNS problem. And even a smart switch in the middle. I replaced the switch and fix one of the two problem.
I think Windows and mac connect to the net with some obscure dns setting different from Linux and BSD
I keep work on it tomorrow and give an update
Thanks guys