Powering Unifi APs using POE/POE+ and/or POE++

So my setup is as follows:
US-8 150W
USW Flex (https://dl.ubnt.com/datasheets/unifi/USW-Flex_DS.pdf)
2 AP AC Lite (https://dl.ubnt.com/datasheets/unifi/UniFi_AC_APs_DS.pdf)
1 AP AC LR (https://dl.ubnt.com/datasheets/unifi/UniFi_AC_APs_DS.pdf)

First try was to power the USW from the US8 and then hook the three AP ACs to it.
That did not go well, random disconnects, APs loosing power. That told me, too little power.

So I bought airFiber POE injector 50V 60W to power the USW Flex with, did make the change to it took power from the POE injector.
That did not go well either, however I hooked them up, when nr 3 is plugged in, it does not get any power.

I have read the data sheets and done the math not matter how I count the power should be enough in case 1.

Anyone has any input what is not happening here? Have I miscalculated biggly?

If you use POE injector you have to select the power setting for the device , this is under config for the USW-Flex


As the US-8 150 can supply 802.3.af power, you may be able to connect the USW-Flex directly to the US8-Flex after changing power to 802.3af

I have done all the things you talk about.
Using US8 random disconnects.
Using poe configured flex, I can only power 2 out of three.

Check the power info on the overview tab


You can see what the device is seeing for power in, and power out

At the moment around 6 W. That is not alot.

That’s your issue, which you need to investigate

What do you mean? What should I investigate?