PowerEdge R200 Grave Digging

Hi, I’m new to server hardware so please forgive me if I’m asking in the wrong place or if I’m beating a dead horse but I have 2 1U rack servers(obviously) and I’ve been needing to figure something out with them. I would like to know how I could possibly mod out a Dell R200 server or what I can install on it to make one more compatible with my current windows server 2019 setup? Now, whether it’s just to run a couple Linux vm’s or a simple hypervisor setup that’s all gravy however, I’m definitely willing(potentially) to buy a couple of new new MOBO’s and CPU’s to throw in. I am currently using a RS-232 COM connection because there is only two NICs and no iDRAC connection so if I could get a daughter board or a adaptable iDRAC that would be awesome to use for now.

Those are some older system and putting in a replacement motherboard in that Dell will be a bit of a project as I don’t think they follow normal case standards.

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Hey, Thanks for the reply Tom!
This is definitely true but I’m almost positive I could install my own standoffs fit a microATX or if not a miniITX. Inside of the case is fairly roomy as far as depth and width and the back IO is pretty standard only difference would likely be an adequately spec’d power supply and yeah Also, I have already tried cd and usb media of course not having much luck if any so still if anyone knows how to update these things let me know or if there might be worthy 3rd party support software I could use to raise these things from the dead please do tell!

I would suggest used Supermicro X9 series, X10 series, or if money is available the X11 series. Sometimes you can get the used X9 series with 20 cores (40 threads) and more than 96GB of RAM for under $300 each. Lately they have been more expensive.

HP Gen 9 or newer servers and Dell Rx20 or Rx30 or newer servers.

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