Power Injector for UniFi 6 Lite AP?

Since the new UniFi 6 Lite APs do not include a power injector, can anyone recommend a good one? I’m looking for something compact. I have no experience with power injectors, so looking for advice or at least anecdotes.

I found a small one from TRENDnet (I’m aware it has a wall wart), but want to ensure it’s a good match. They claim 802.3af compliance.

While I want compact, ultimately I was the best match so alternative suggestions are welcome.


That one will work. If you want one from Ubiquiti, they have a model “U-POE-AF”. PoE Injector, 802.3AF – Ubiquiti Inc.

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Yeah, but Ubiquiti was out of stock and so was Amazon and NewEgg. However, at that price i decided to keep digging and found a pair at VOIPSupply.com. Amazing how much cheaper it is than even the Chinese brands on Amazon…

Thanks for the reminder!