Power glitch logger?

I’ve done a few hours of searching and haven’t found a tool that can monitor and log my power, at least not under many thousands of dollars. Some of the glitches are short enough that my UPS doesn’t glitch and throw an alarm, so I don’t think I can use the UPS as a detector.

If anyone has any ideas, even DIY requiring soldering and circuit board design. Needs to be fairly inexpensive because we just don’t have a lot of budget to build this.

Basically I’m tired of my building people telling me this isn’t a problem, I have a lot of devices that do have problems with these glitches and mostly they aren’t my IT equipment since a lot of that is backed up on UPS. My lab server have taken a beating the last 2 days (again), burned out a fan from the last brown out.

Not aware of any inexpensive solutions outside of DIY

Interesting, I’ll have to look into this and see if I can find an MCU that has wired ethernet. I might have to fool around a bit to get a current clamp in position, this is commercial/school setting so kind of risky. But I’ll dig around the HA offerings since I haven’t thought about approaching it through HA.

If you find a product or make something, please share. I work in a school setting and have been curious about voltage logging for a while. We have various reports from our UPS software but nothing shows the voltage changes we see occasionally.

I dont know of any solutions for server UPS usage to monitor the voltage.
There is products for monitor voltage and power to solar panel setups…
and i know there are voltage sensor modules that can be hooked up to I/O cards for monitoring, i have a habit of building my own solutions to keep my costs down.
Then i have seen this home product from Emporia that monitor power usage and voltage too if i heard right… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08G37ML2R
Maybe that one can be used for your needs?

Sorry i can’t be of more help.

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