Power cycle a port on a Unifi Switch

I have a UniFi 24 (250W) Switch and I keep losing connection to the CloudKey. If I unplug the CloudKey and plug it back in, the device comes back on-line. Obvious answer is replace the CloudKey (and I will). But I was looking for a way to power-cycle a port on the switch. Is there a way to do this?

Thanks for any feedback (and lack of any snarky comments) you may have.

It’s in the ports menu image

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@LTS_Tom will this work if the cloudkey is inaccessible?

no as you need a working controller to get to it

Can’t the cloudkey be powered from usb too? If so, have you tried just using a phone charger on it, to see if it will run stable on that. Maybe it is just the POE part of it failing.

I should have added that I am trying to do this to reboot a cloud key if it is unresponsive. Am able to SSH into the controller and I was wondering if I can cycle a port via ssh command.