Povide server access between two LAN interfaces in pfSense

I need to provide server access between two LAN interfaces. Basically topology is like this:

10 interface: LANs = Port 02 & Port 08 | WANs = Port 01, Port 03, Port 04, Port 05, Port 06, Port 07, Port 09 & Port 10.
LAN 1 - Port 2 = (Gateway =
LAN 2 - Port 8 = (Gateway =
Every rule and policy is working fine rather than internal communion between Port 2 and Port 8.

Hardware specs + Network
Sophos XG310 R2 with Core i7-6700/RAM:16GB/Storage: 180GB Intel
8 physical interface + 4 SFP interface
Unmanaged Switches 1/100/1000 - Netgear 48 Portts
Cat 6 shielded cable - Molex 23AWG

Looks like you need to add a pfsense software bridge (Bridging — Creating a Bridge | pfSense Documentation) or add another switch after pfsense since the switches are unmanagable. Software bridge will be slower than a physical switch.


@Cudzu It’s not working for me. Still not accessible. Client is not spending on any other hardware.

Do you have an allow rule from both interfaces to talk to each other?

Could you post a screenshot of the rules?

@xMAXIMUSx Yes, I have added rules according to atricales. Which is shared by Cudzu.

Is anyone help me in this case

You need to create filewall rules for each network to allow access to the other network.

Also make sure the device gateway settings to point to the pfsense ip address