Possible Corner Cut for Lab Switch needed for 10GB Storage?

Hello everyone I have been updating my lab a bit. Now I am in a dilemma I have 2 R710s (XCP-NG) and now 2 R630 (Future VMWare) and an R620 (Truenas). I have all management setup on my 1GB Switch (ports almost exhausted) and I have placed 2 port 10GB Cat 6 cards in all servers above and 2 in the TrueNAS box. For some reason I figured I could direct connect 1 port to each port on the Truenas box but I can’t add multiple ips on same subnet to different ports. Am I forced to try and find a 10GB switch or anything you guys can think of I tried making a LAGG on the Truenas but can’t ping from the XCP boxes unless IP is a 1:1 I thought only LACP had to be set at switch level. Any ideas would be greatly apprecaited.

Or am I being extra and should just connect via 1GB? I just had these cards around and tried to use them. Truenas is for storage (6 1.2TB SAS 10K RAIDZ) and 4 (1.8TB SSD SAS RAID Z). Was using this hardware to replace my Terrastation that sounds like a drive is dying.