Ports to open, SMB, AFS (Time Machine)

Hi all.

I want to secure my TrueNAS a bit, on my local network
Other than https, SSH, to be able to use samba, 137-139 and 445

I do a google cloud sync, but thats outgoing so happy to ignore that.
I also use time Machine, should I open AFS port (548)
anything else


I am not clear on the question but the devices accessing SMB shares should be on the same network as the TrueNAS. Block the TrueNAS management port on non secure networks.

I want to close all traffic to the TrueNAS except for what I want opened.

so thinking that should be https, ssh, and the ports as per above.

need to check/confirm that port 80 is not being used.


Re the management, I see I have 80->443 redirect enabled, would that mean 80 can’t be used, is closed. or can I tell TrueNAS not to use/listen on 80 at other, other than doing it via the pfSense FW.


I don’t recommend opening up any of the ports on pfsense to TrueNAS to the outside world.

Hi Tom

Not opening up to outside. I want to close the TrueNAS off on my inside network, except for the required ports.

Just tightening up inside also, going closer to a No trust setup internal.