Port mismatch on reboot after VLAN's added

I just setup 4 VLAN’s and when I rebooted it gave me a port mismatch. I ended up having to restore from backup.

pfSense prompts to re-setup the interfaces, killing all the VLAN interfaces. How do I fix this?

It was happening on 2.6 so I upgraded to 2.7 and it’s doing the same thing.



Sounds a bit odd, I’d guess it’s a config error.

Perhaps setup one vlan first and inspect the result.

It might help to configure the router and switch with vlans while they are disconnected, then connect.

I’ll give that a shot. The only thing I can think of that might be out of order is the fact that I have a duel Intel NIC used for Wan/Lan and the Internal card unused. The Internal was unassigned. I just assigned it but left it disabled. I’ll try one VLAN and see what happens.



If you have 3 available ports what I would do is set the first 2 as WAN and LAN, the 3rd as the parent interface for your vlans. That way if something messes up you can plug directly into the LAN nic.

The 3rd is the built-in RealTek, which is why it’s disabled.

The duel port is an add-on Intel.

Got it working. I think the issue may have been the unused NIC not being assigned.
Once assigned I started adding the VLAN’s one at a time and they all worked.