Port Forwarding with PIA and pfSense

Hi Tom - Thanks so much for all the great videos. Learned alot and have my own lab pfSense router setup at home thanks to you!

Just wanted your latest video on PIA and pfSense and validated I have things setup correctly and working.

Can you do a video or recommend a guide on how to setup PIA and pfSense to allow port forwarding through your PIA VPN connection and through your pfSense firewall to some internal systems (ie. web site, OpenVPN server, etc).

Like to use VPN (with dynamic DNS) as site to come through VPN to my internal systems.


I am not likely to do a video on it as I don’t see it as very practical. Opening up random high port number on a VPN IP address that may not be consistent as they are served up on a first come first serve basis does not seem very useful.