Port forwarding: can forward from one port to another

After watching Tom’s video I managed to port forward my.ip:9000 to

What I am wanting to do however is forward 80 to 9000 instead.

I thought all I would need to do was to add the source port but this did not work. After doing the below neither 80 or 9000 were seen as open by a port scanner and I could no longer reach from my external IP

I am not understanding something else because the bellow resolves 9000 => 9000

but not

But the both should as and both resolve internally to different webservers.

If the port works when at 9000 but does not work when at 80 there are a few things to check:

  1. under System → Advanced: check the WebGUI Disable webConfigurator redirect rule
  2. Make sure nothing else is using port 80
  3. Your ISP may be blocking port 80

This is my latest guide on pfsense port forwarding.

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You don’t need to modify the source port. That’s the port on the client machine and it’s always random. Leave it at any.

Destination address and port denote the original destination that clients use in their requests. This will be your WAN address and port 80. NAT IP and port is where this traffic should be forwarded to. That’s and port 9000 in your case.

Bingo :slight_smile: https://help.orcon.net.nz/hc/en-us/articles/360005168154-Port-filtering-in-My-Orcon

Port 80 was blocked by default.

Thanks again.