Port Forwarding behind 2 routers


I am from the UK just before we start, that is why my setup may sound weird.

I have the ISP provided router accepting the internet connection from the road which has DHCP and wireless disabled and then I am using pfSense as the main router.

I am trying to setup a Pterodactyl Server which I can access from anywhere.

When I port forward in pfSense and then do it in the Router (accepting the connection) it does not seem to work.

Any ideas how I might come across fixing this?


Sounds like the modem-router from your ISP doesn’t like to operate in modem only mode.

Obviously if you have a modem-only device you can easily test this out.

You might be able to flash the ISP router with OpenWRT and see if it will operate as a modem.

Be careful if you do that. If it’s a modem/router combo, chances are OpenWRT does not support it as it seems they don’t support combos.

I would try to plug in your Pterodactyl server behind your ISP modem/router to see if the port forwarded rule works as that is the first place it needs to work. Also is it possible to put the ISP router in bridge mode so it’s only your pfSense doing the routing?

ah yeah you’re right it’s been a while since I played with OpenWRT … you probably won’t find a firmware for it


Nope there is no way to put it in bridge mode.

I haven’t tried it but, you might be able to port forward twice by port forwarding from the modem to pfsense and then port forward from pfsense to your server.

I do this all the time (also UK based).

Do you just have the one public IP address or do you have a block?

I don’t know what ports Pterodactyl uses but if any of them conflict with the router (22, 80, 443, etc) and you only have 1 IP then you might have issues but essentially you forward the ports from the router to the WAN IP of the pfSense box then forward from the pfSense box to your server IP.

If you have multiple IP’s then it takes a bit more work on the pfSense box (virtual IP’s) but essentially then works the same way.

I’m based in uk and have had broadband with most of the uk isps. Have you considered just getting an openreach modem and using pfsense as your main gateway instead of double natting?

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Those BT Modem / TA boxes seem be getting quite hard to get hold of. I used to have loads of them kicking around.

You can find them on ebay, Netgear also do a cheap modem though it failed on me however Draytek Vigor 130 currently is doing the job but costs a few quid

Depends which model And how much your willing to pay. There’s loads on eBay.