Port Forward to VLAN'ed Host

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First time posting here, fairly new to pfsense and did some looking and didn’t quite get the answer I was looking for. I am trying to port forward to a host in Vlan 10 which is my secure VLAN the has the any any rule and access to anything on the network. All my port forwards to servers on the native VLAN are working but the port forward to the host on the native VLAN is working fine but port forward to VLAN 10 isn’t working. Is there something special I am missing besides the normal NAT rule to port forward to VLAN 10?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I should specify that this is in pfsense.

Not sure I quite understood that, are you port forwarding to a host on VLAN10? It should work the same way as any other Port Forwarding would.

Yep you got it. Just a port forward to a host on vlan 10.

I figured it would be the same way normally but for sure reason those ports aren’t opening for the host.

Update: I have discovered all new port forwards aren’t working. All my current port forwards are working but any of my new ones don’t work. So the vlan port forwards seems to not be any issue but now my pfsense doesn’t seem to pass new ports.

So if this is a new VLAN you need to make sure to set your new VLAN network range in your outbound NAT rules under firewall—>NAT—>outbound

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I diagnosed a lot of weird issues I caused for myself but that helped also in me understanding port forwarding. I think I am up and going now. I appreciate it!