Pop OS Testing plex not working

I have installed Pop OS for testing to see if I can go full time on it. so some back ground… I have been using mac for many years and my current laptop is a 2013 mac book pro, I also have a windows 10 desktop and an old Thinkpad X201 that I use very little, just a few office apps and some networking tools.
I am looking to go to 1 laptop that I can dock at home and kill the old mac, win laptop and win desktop. and with the new hardware I am looking at OS also. I think I can do virtual box for any windows needs so I am deciding between new mac or what I am leaning toward is an intel laptop with pop OS.
so on to my current quest :slight_smile: I use plex server at home to replace my itunes stuff, and I can get to the plex server with my pop OS but I can’t play any content, I am guessing it is a codex or missing plugin of some kind. any ideas? thanks

I don’t use Plex much, but when I do I am using it via the web browser, so I am not clear on where you are having an issue.

Tom, thanks for replying, but I figured it out, just had to sleep on it, I installed VLC and it works now. and I was using the web to attach to the plex.

I have a MBP 15" 2015. Say what you want about MacOSX - it definitely has its flaws however the actual chasis, screen and keyboard are great. It would be hard for me to give up the hardware. I’m sure however in a few years I’ll be in the same boat as your. Hopefully the keyboard issues will be resolved by then.