Pop_OS or Parrot Home edition

Hope I am posting at the right place. I am a beginner in IT, and looking for an advice. I am an ex-pilot, and I’ve been using Windows as a user, but would like to move to Linux.

This forum and Tom’s videos are helping me a lot to secure my home network and learn. Thank you all.

Tom made several videos about Pop_OS, but I guess it requires some IT knowledge. I was thinking of Parrot Os Home edition.

Would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.


Pop_OS is going to be a lot easier and much more stable to get started with.

Having also been on Windows mostly, I played around with the Raspberry Pi this lead to Ubuntu Mate, which runs quite well on the Pi. Then I moved to Debian in headless mode for servers running on Proxmox. On my laptop, I use Linux Mint which basically recognised most of my Thinkpad but not the light. It has been mostly ok, takes time to work out how to do things but can be eventually sussed out. I’d suggest running a virtual machine and just load up various Linux distributions, see what takes your fancy. You can also load up an ISO on a USB stick and run it from that too.

Thanks. I think I meant to say Parrot_OS for home.

Just my two cents – take it for what its worth. When I was a beginner with linux I had to (and still) do a lot of reading. There is ample information regarding Ubuntu. That’s probably where I would start. The information for Ubuntu is going to be relevant 99% of the time to PopOS but there are minor differences in a few things. Linux Mint is also not a bad one to try, however for some reason some of the “quality” of answers I’ve found on their forums isn’t all that great. It’s a little hit and miss. Good luck wherever you start and have fun with it.

And another “two cents”: do want fancy graphics effects, or do you just want a stable, functional OS? I’ve been using Peppermint OS as my main desktop OS for years. It’s light on resource usage and not preloaded with unneeded software. You can install whatever you want from the Ubuntu repository.

For specific uses, I use other flavors of Linux: Parrot OS KDE for pentesting, Security Onion for network monitoring, and Debian (with no GUI) for things such as UniFi controller and Nexpose (a vulnerability scanner).

Pop Os almost got me to switch but I dont know. I have really loved manjaro for the past 6 months.

This thread seems kind of silly. Pop_OS is an “Ubuntu-like” derivative and to be used as a desktop OS (although yes it could function as a server). Parrot is more of an OS like Kali meant for intrusion detection. Yes I’m aware there is a Parrot Home edition but do you really need all those packages pre-installed? You could turn Pop into Parrot by installing all the same packages and Parrot into a Pop like OS by adding/removing packages. Just try them both out in a VM and then roll with whatever you like.