POP OS on XCP-ng: two problems

After watching video, decided to try POP OS 20.04 running as a VM on XCP-ng. Already running Ubuntu 20.04. I can’t get guest tools loaded. I think because I can’t unmount sr0, so I keep getting a file not found message. Secondly, I can’t reach the machine with VNC Viewer, getting a message that I can’t connect with the chosen security settings, even though I’ve unchecked the two Authenticate boxes on VNC and set the password requirement to “false” in POP OS. Screen sharing is set up fine in the OS. No such problems with Ubuntu. Any suggestions?

You should be able to mount it as /dev/cdrom to load the tools, but I have not used VNC in a very long time so not sure about that.

Hi to All
I always install the guest tools with this command. (Ubuntu/Debian)
sudo apt-get install xe-guest-utilities.
In this case yours vm have to internet access.
I use the cd-rom driver when the guest tools is not aviable in the repository.

Here is a guide how to do using the Iso file.Using the ISO

Good luck

Thank you facuq240. The “sudo apt-get install xe-guest-utilities” appears to have worked. Although got the line “proc-xen.mount is a disabled or a static unit, not starting it.” at the end, I’m going to assume that it’s not important.

I’m not able to use the iso method because when I attempt to mount /dev/cdrom, I get the message that sr0 is already mounted. When I attempt to umount sr0, it seems to work, but when I check, it’s still mounted, so when I run the bash command I get a message that the file is not found. May be a future problem, but for the moment, it doesn’t matter.

I seem to remember a video about or mentioning an application for accessing machines remotely, other than VNC. I’ll search for that.

X2Go is the software I prefer for remote access on Linux.

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