Pop os bloating Boot partition

I repartitioned my 1TB hard drive because system upgrades had filled the original 500 GB boot partition. It now has 10MB Boot and 700MB for home partition. The system has stuffed something called “pop os notebook” into the boot partition which includes items such as downloaded steam games and has nearly filled(97%) of the boot partition. Can I move this folder into the other partition and can I control what the system puts into the boot partition?

That is not normal default behavior so I am not sure what to recommend. If you don’t know what put the files there then it might be a good idea to reload it.

I resolved the issue by getting a 1TB nvme drive. The problem I think is that I got part of Windows server installed when I installed some app that causes the computer to act as a dhcp server. I was following some advice for direct connection to my
truenas server.