Point to point bridge with Ubiquiti

I might be doing a point to point bridge, connecting a remote barn to a house for internet connectivity. The total distance is about 220 meters and there are many trees between the 2 buildings but you are generally able to see the house. I was considering 2 NanoBeam 5ac Gen 2, where the one at the barn also may be powering some outdoor access point, haven’t decided on which one yet. But essentially, although you see the house, line of site is pretty spotty. I was considering the 2.4ghz variant instead of the 5ghz because of this, but I don’t know if this is necessary. Just collecting thoughts as this is my first time deploying a point to point bridge

You are correct, the 2.4ghz does go through things better, but when there is anything blocking line of site the project becomes much harder to predict performance.

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