POE Passthrough Switches

For situation where you have multiple POE devices, 1 CAT5, and running more wire is not feasible…
Currently I have a site with 2 of the vigitron vi3005 one of them has one wire back to the MDF with 2 cameras patched in, the other has one wire with 3 cameras patched in.

The 3 cams frequently disconnect for a minute, based on the recordings this seems to happen when any one of the cams motion recording is activated. The other one with 2 cams drops out ocassionally but way less.

Neither of them are even close to exceeding the POE budget, they both have 100mbs links and while I have no way of measuring I doubt either one is saturating a 100mbs link leaving me to believe its just not a good product for this use case. Ive used other 2 way “splitters” with no issues in the past but decided to use vigitron on this site since once of them required 3 devices. Can anyone recommend a switch for this use case? The only thing I have found so far is one by fast cabling

edit: just wanted to elaborate on the splitters, I have had good results with Planet tech (note they have a couple models in that form factor with different specs) side note the same company makes a good 12 volt powered POE switch for solar and vehicle use.

Never used either those so I am not sure if they are any good or not.