Podcast? Dual release channels

Hi Tom,

Firstly love the channel and all your content. I’m in the msp field down in South Africa and you have provided me great tips.

My suggestion is: Release some of your videos as podcast. So for example your Thursday blog and how they got hacked would be perfect for the podcast channel as it is more of a discussion. Plus I drive an hour to work each day and the police frown on watching YouTube while driving :wink:

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Thanks an dI have considered this, but the challenge is some of them have visual content which won’t translate well. Perhaps I should just start a podcast where I cover a specific topic each episode.

Could the SMLR podcast be distributed to Spotify podcasts?

I can look into that, podcasting distribution is very disjointed as you have to keep up with all the places to submit the feed. That is one big advantage YouTube has being that everything just goes in one easy to find place.

Yeah, it is a pain in the butt. I just dropped my Apple stuff and used to listen to it on the iPad podcasts app. Now I setup Spotify on Linux and resubscribed to all my podcasts and found SMLR wasn’t in there.

Thanks for considering it!

I use Pocketcasts, they have a great system for discovery and they do have SMLR.

I’ll check it out.


Thanks Tom, personally for podcast consumption I flop between Google podcast and Spotify. That keeps me covered for everything I want. From what i have heard from other Podcaster is that there are services that distribute your podcast for you to all platforms. Possible solutions?

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We are currently using https://www.blubrry.com/ for SMLR but I have not really taken the the time to explore all the options.

If you are interested in doing more Podcast stuff recommend reviewing Fireside.

I seen a lot people use them and my friend does a podcast with it.

They do a lot of the hard work for you is my understanding with feeds (disjointed).

My friend has been really happy with it and there does seem to be some sort community. He gets a lot of updates and there a slack channel with the support team or something he really does recommend this.

Note: I never done podcast so I do not have experience myself.

@LTS_Tom - Side note not sure you should do another podcast… how you going to fit all this content in!