POC kicking my arse Open VPN and Citrix Virtual Apps

Hello everyone I am running into an slight issues I believe related to my PFSense OpenVPN. I have been doing Citrix App delivery for about a decade. I setup a instance in my lab and it works great locally, I tried to create an OpenVPN connection to access remotely to show someone and it fails miserably. Has anyone had experience with this. I know it has to be something simple and just wanted to reach out to see if any peers had issues with this.

Hello. We would be glad to help, but what is the actual problem? What fails? Do you have logs?

No logs on Citrix side I am thinking it is more along the lines of pfsense/openvpn. Setup a similar setup at another company they used Cisco Anyconnect. Would be happy to get assistance on this David. I may just hook up another firewall and or create a virtual ADC. Likely faster resolve. Sorry voice texting while at red lighy lol.

Shot in the dark on my part…

What does the DNS for the VPN look like vs. non VPN, internal network look like. If this is ok, then what does the configuration of the VPN router look like vs. the router for the internal network? Asymmetrical routing (one gateway or router for internal traffic and a different one for VPN traffic will break things quickly)

Last question, what are you using for app streaming gateway? If this piece is the CSG, or some other ancient component, the issue you are having could be caused by the inability to support modern functions of CItrix ecosystems on these old things. You mention ADC, and will need one where VPNs are involved as it keeps track of everything during remote sessions (VPN) and keeps the applications secure.

In my past life, I was the head of our entire Citrix VDI infrastructure for application and DaaS for a large semiconductor manufacturing company. I still work with it, just not at the scale that I did in the past. Hope this helps

I nuked and pathed and it is working as it supposed to. I have a new Netgate on order and ordered a 10Gb switch to update lab. There was a bug in the latest LTS version that was burning me. Also went from 2019 to 2016 server working phenominal. Thanks!!!

Similar to you been in this Citrix for over a decade and have managed and designed a couple of pretty large deployments. My problem is time and I am glad I figured this out if it takes me more than a days work to deploy it I blame myself for not being prepped.