Plex on Scale SMB

First, I am new here, hello all. I have been watching Lawerence Systems youtube for a few years but I am novice when it comes to self hosting, servers and Truenas. Please forgive my ignorance.

I am having trouble understanding SMB shares with Plex. Is there a way to use an existing SMB share without disabling Host Path Safety Checks or creating a new dataset for Plex that would just end up being duplicated data from an existing SMB media share?
I cant find any information on the below either. I just don’t understand what information it is asking for. Would this be to use an existing SMB share? If so how do I set it up? I cannot find a guide anywhere.

Yes, disabling host path safety checks are the only way in the older versions of TrueNAS Scale, I think they are changing it in the new version.

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