Plex not communicating through pfSense


So I am having some rules issues with my pfSense and allowing Plex from my primary LAN to my IoT LAN while blocking all traffic to all private networks.

Here are my rules:

And here are my logs:

I have tried rules in different positions, I have Plex set to notice different VLAN subnets as local, but I keep getting a connection refused :confused: What gives? Thanks in advance!

I always put Plex on the same network at the devices that it is broadcasting too.


You will have to tell Plex what local subnets it’s allowed to talk to. I don’t think this is a pfsnese issue.

In your plex settings under the network tab add your networks under Lan Networks.

This will treat the connection as as local can I would think it would allow you to connect. Otherwise you might want to try to connect a pc to that network and troubleshoot connecting to plex.