Plex bypassing PIA on pfsense box

Hello all I’m having a bit of trouble configuring my Plex server which is housed in my Truenas scale NAS to allow remote access. I am using PIA on the pfsense to secure all traffic on my network. I have already set up rules to allow specific IP’s to bypass the PIA so they can be accessed remotely and it works as it should. my issue is since the Plex server is on the Truenas box it seems to not allow me to bypass the VPN with just the Plex IP. it will only work if i put the NAS on the bypass list which is not what i want to do since i only want to open Plex to the outside. I installed metallb on scale so that i can assign plex an IP in my subnet to put it on the bypass list but it is not working.It sees as though the Plex IP is not being seen by pfsence as an actual client because its traffic is being pass-through the NAS. Is there something I’m missing or a misconfig or is this not possible?

any suggestions on this situation?

Load Plex in a virtual machine so it’s traffic does not go out the TrueNAS at all.