Please Help Unifi Protect

I own a licensed Hotel and have a unifi US-24-250W switch. I run approximately 25 CCTV cameras so I have installed 3 10 Port Gigabit PoE Network Switch around the hotel and connected several cameras to each switch and then the 10 Port Gigabit switch is connect to the US-24-250W.

Just looking for your thoughts on weather or not setting the cameras up this way is a good idea?

Also I cant map the gigabit switch’s to the unifi dashboard. Would it be a better solution to install 3 Ubiquiti UniFiSwitch, 8-port, 150W switch’s?

I have more pics but can only upload one

As long as there’s no way to create a loop (extra connections between the switches that traffic gets caught going around and around) the way you have it is fine.

A switch that supports STP or RSTP is preferred because they detect and prevent loops. This advice isn’t just for surveillance. Unifi switches support RSTP and I believe its enabled by default. Most other Smart switches will support it, as will all Managed switches.

Non-Unifi switches will never be supported in the Unifi controller and the devices plugged into them will always show in the topology the way you showed. This is not an issue.

Thank you for your quick response, If i was to upgrade from my current 10 Port Gigabit PoE Network Switch would you suggest a suitable replacement would be the Ubiquiti UniFi Switch, 8-port, 150W?

Yes that is a suitable choice.