Please Help - Problem with XCP-NG and a VM

Hi all

I have this error on a VM:

INTERNAL_ERROR(Object with type VM and id 2e89c862-e899-6693-261a-0a9a2e14f6ff/config does not exist in xenopsd)

The machine will not shutdown nor reboot and is unresponsive. Its a Windows VM.

If I reboot the server (Host) itll most likely come back to life, how do I get it back up & running without having to reboot the host?

Ive seen this a few times with Windows VM’s.


Two options, use the Xen Orchestra advanced option to "Force Shutdown the VM or ssh into the XCP-NG server run the xsconsole command, go to the “Virtual Machines” “VM’s running on this host” option and choose “Force Shutdown”
It might take a few minutes before the shutdown is complete.


Thanks Tom.


That is an error xsconsole has given me.

This happened after I added more RAM and CPU cores to the VM.


xe-toolstack-restart May have fixed it.

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Yep thats got it.

Windows now blue screens with inaccessible boot device, a reboot into safe mode then back to normal mode seems to have cured it.