Platinum Tools network testers?

Anyone here use any of the Platinum Tools network test devices? I need something a little better than the simple continuity/short/cross tester that I have and started looking for “budget” tools (not Fluke). Stumbled onto to the products from Platinum Tools and thought I would ask. The up to 20 ID devices would be welcome, as would some of the features in the upper end tools.

Product pages:
Most simple that I would buy

The one I’d really like

Comparison chart

If you’ve used one of their products, I’d like to know your experience.

Look at the Net Tool Willie Howe has a review of it on his you tube channel. Can’t attest to the Platinumtools my contractors all use Fluke which used to be Microtest a former Maryland company.

The Netool will not do cable certs as such but will test connect speed, check out the line at:

Netool website