Planning to make a new backup storage server

Hey everyone, I am planning to build a new backup server for my smb with an system having configuration : core i3 4th gen 4 gb ram 240gb ssd.
My main use : To store only documents locally from all my client devices to a safe place everyday.

So, is there anyone who can suggest me which NAS os should i use and any automatic configuration which will store all the data automatically from all the windows pc to the backup server.

Note: The reason behind using 240gb ssd is that I don’t have any big files to store so 240gigs would be more than enough for me. Furthermore, I am thinking to install OS on 32gb usb stick.

Thanks in advance… :blush:

I use syncthing on a headless debian vm, that backs up my data. Don’t think you need more than that.


TrueNAS is good, as is Open Media Vault. I’ve personally had better luck with OMV, but TN has more features. If all you need is SMB file storage, then I’d go with OMV.

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Love syncthing, however it kind of requires a GUI – unless you’re big into delving into config files. What remote desktop solution are you using? The one thing that kind of pisses me off about syncthing is it requires a desktop be installed. Id love to be able to run syncthing without a desktop.

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For remote desktop I use anydesk.

So OMV would be better or truenas ?? I will install the os in a usb stick so which would be better. As said earlier that my main use is to backup all files at the end of day.

You don’t need a desktop to install Syncthing, I’ve installed debian headless, then ssh into the machine and install using the command line. Once installed you can use a browser to access Syncthing see I’ve got a master running on my server and all my devices are slaves. Every now and then I just check it’s all running ok.

I use remmina for RDP, works pretty well.

I also have another backup server running OMV, it’s fine, I use it to manually store files, basically it’s a fancy samba interface, it does other things but I use it as a file server it does the job. I don’t think it can run off a USB in the way TruNAS can, though you can just install it on a hdd.

Syncthing has a web interface and DOES NOT require a desktop.


Since you only have 4gb of ram (not enough for truenas), I vote the following:

  • Open Media Vault (or a custom linux solution) + Syncthing
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I am going to try openSUSE Leap

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I prefer OMV. Both have a web interface, but I like the simplicity of OMV.

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It is officially NOT recommended to run TrueNAS from a USB thumb drive. They are not reliable when used with TrueNAS.

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Hey does omv support auto shutdown command ??

@banross It does have an autoshutdown plugin. It also has the ability to schedule a shutdown, depending on what you need.