Planning out my home network backup solution


I’m in the process of planning out my home backup system now, and I’m finding aspects of it a bit confusing. I’m using KeePassXC and Syncthing to great effect to keep my KeePass database synced across my phone, desktop, and FreeNAS, but Syncthing seems to work best for smaller files. I’d like to regularly backup important sections of my home directory (like software development projects) as well as wholesale image backups of my desktop, and laptop to my FreeNAS server.

I’ve seen that FreeNAS has quite a few backup plugins, like Tarsnap, and BackupPC, Bacula, and BRU Server, is there any one in particular that stands out as the best choice for my use-case?

Also, where does R-Sync fit into this backup paradigm? Is it in the same vein as Syncthing as a tool for keeping files and directories in sync? If so, why do all these other syncing tools exist if R-Sync performs the same task?

Is there a particular video you could direct me to that does a deep dive into the best backup solutions, how they work, and pros / cons?


@drowsy I’m looking at something similar for my home and personal work files. I was working on setting everything up on some old Raspberry Pi’s hooked up to some external 500gig drives. You don’t mention what operating systems home directories you are planning to back up, but you might want to look at rdiff-backup. It is a CLI program that creates a simply way for you to do incremental backups and because it is a simple CLI command it would not be hard to write a bash script that would run in crontab. I believe it is also using rsync too to make the connection between client and server. It seems stable and available on all platforms I have found it in the Raspbian and Ubuntu repos.

Since I’m not running FreeNAS I’m not sure that is a great option for you. I would look at which of the FreeNAS solutions have clients available on the OS’s that you intend to back up regularly, and that might make your decision easier. I would be interested in hearing about your final working solution since I’m attempting to do something in a similar way.


I am using Syncthing to keep 90,432 files, 5,310 folders totaling to 128 GiB of data in sync from my my office and off site. I run it on my local workstations and on my FreeNAS systems in a jail. It works great with low overhead. But I don’t use it on any of my mobile devices as I don’t really have a need to.