Ping from other countries

I wonder what useful tools people use to do ping, dig etc from other countries.
Particular use case - to test say pfBlockerNG blocking and white-listing.


Have a known open port on your system, VPN to blocked country, try to get to open port. NMAP would work, PING works if you have WAN ping enabled, but ICMP is blocked by default on pfsense.

Ok but what do you use to actually ping say from Czech or Germany?

Tom already wrote “VPN to blocked country

The machine which is located in this country.
Some VPS or Dedicated server, shell account … in a given country.
Exit node for vpn which is located in a given country.
Exit nod for TOR in a given country.

There used to be lookingglass at various ISPs, some still have the public LG and regular ping options, but not on the port.

In short, something that is located in this country must ping you or forward your network traffic …
No software will magically generate a packet that teleports and will pretend to be from Germany and not from the USA. The traffic must come from a given location.

And when it comes to ping to port I used to use paping.

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I understand all this, was wondering about specific recommendations

Recommendations for what? Specify exactly what you do, and what you want to achieve.

  • VPN? NordVPN or PIA …
  • Software? ping, mtr / winmtr …

I’m not sure what exactly you ask …

If you want to ping your server or enter 80/443 from a specific location, then let traffic through vpn and the appropriate exit point.
Do you want a shell located in France? I can recommend this one (Referral Link !!!)

I want shell access from different countries, yes!

And what budget do you have for it? Because free shell is not something popular …

A typical service in the form of a shell is still available on the market but year after year it lost its attractiveness due to the departure of many people from IRC.

It’s best if you rent cheap VPS or dedicated servers, or even seedbox accounts with shell access or webhosting with shell access.
You can buy a seedbox with full access to the shell under the url that I gave earlier or
and others…