PIA routing issues aug 2020

Thomas, first, thanks for all you share on youtube and your forums, awesome.

This is about PIA changes…

OK, Have you noticed changes in PIA service since the US-Texas exit point disappeared. For me I changed my pfsense vpn from Texas to East and it worked about a week. Then my “microsoft vpn connections” for my self and customers stopped working, the services are microsoft vpn azure etc type controls for their organizations. These “microsoft vpn connections” now break inside PIA, work outside PIA fine.

(users are using https through a pfsense server thru PIA tunnel to the microsoft vpn server for the microsoft services. Standard stuff).

After troubleshooting (pfsense has nothing to do with the problems) I discovered PIA is routing many vpn exit points traffic out through czechoslovakia “CZ”. After doing tracerouting say us-california “my-ip” would show a CZ ip address the CZ range, owned and registered by a CZ company at the California exit point.

( a simpler test, take your computer and turn on the PIA little green man for each exit point. Each connection shows “My IP address” for that connection. Look up the “My IP Address” for each connection, those bad ones so far are all “CZ” IP numbers)

Myself and customers at the microsoft server end have blocking vpn tunnels from outside the country turned on. Thats the discovery of the problem – PIA ip and actual routing changes…

It started with PIA-East routed through “CZ” , the other PIA exits checked so far are
as of 8/24/2020

us-east -> CZ -> broken
us-florida -> CZ -> broken
us-california -> CZ -> broken
us-denver -> US -> all works fine
us-siliconvalley -> US -> all works fine

The question for you is this…

  • any thoughts?
  • have you seen this yet?
  • might you have another quality, used it before, service recommendation?
  • whatever about this???