PIA on PFSense: No connection! :(

Hey all, sorry if this is the wrong forum for this, but people here seem more likely to be smart enough to figure this out then the LTT forum where I usually post.

Here’s the issue I’m having:
I follow the PIA website guide (and the Lawrence IT Systems YT video) to add PIA to OpenVPN on PFSense. Specifically this video , and this video and the PFsense 2.4.3 guide to attempt to get PIA running, selective routing so my gaming pc and consoles bypass it, and a killswitch, Pfsense never actually connects to PIA…

Whenever I go to check status, I see this instead of the status “up” that I was expecting to see:

I have reconfigured the OpenVPN client multiple times with different servers (US east, US west, Toronto, Swiss, Netherlands) and encryption options enabled (AES-128-GCM, AES-128-CBC).

Any idea what could be causing this?

Update: If I change it to use an IP address instead of the hostname, it claims I’m connected, but I have no connection at all. DNS doesn’t work, can’t ping anything outside the network, etc.
I’ve set the outbound NAT rule, I have tried the VPN configuration a bunch of different ways and really can’t put a finger on this one.

Any ideas?

OLD: Sorry, I resolved my own problem.

For some reason, my PFSense couldn’t resolve the hostnames to IP addresses, so if I just pinged the server I wanted to connect to, and added the IP manually, it works perfectly fine.

My Apologies!

You might check to make sure that your DNS queries from the pfsense server were actually going out over your WAN. If your DNS was going over the VPN, you wouldn’t be able to initially resolve the VPN server to connect.

I can’t ping IP addresses when it’s enabled either.
For example, ping times out, pinging times out, etc. So it’s not DNS related as I initially thought.

I’m slowly enabling more verbose logs and trying to see what’s actually happening.