Pi Zero As a Unifi Controller

Has anyone used a Pi to use as a controller for their unifi controller. I don’t have a server or vm setup I have running 24/7.

I have a pi Zero sitting around, and was wondering if anyone has done this. It might not be possible, but where better to ask than here lol.

It’s too slow so I do no think it will work and if it does, not well.

Oh well. So muvh for an affordable decent controller.

I have a couple friends using a Pi 3 b+ as their controllers. They don’t have many devices managed by it, only a switch and an access point, but they haven’t said anything negative about performance from using it.

I did with a Pi3b+ for a while; responsiveness was laggy. I ended up switching to an always-on laptop running linux instead.

These links were helpful at the time:



and I just saw this but have no experience with it

well the new pi4 with 4g of ram might actually cut it. hmmm going to keep my eyes peeled to see if its powerful enough now.