Photoshop in VM

the only thing stopping me from going full Linux is Photoshop. (yes i know you can use Gimp but Gimp gives me brain bleed when used to PS) so, i know it is not recomended to use PS in WINE but how good do it work in a VM?? i think first of all on virtualbox. does it work good with the GPU and so on?

Depending on the specs of the system, it can run fine in a VM. You have to dedicate enough cores, RAM and GPU to the VM however, so your host system will need to have enough horsepower to drive that as well as your host OS or else you’ll experience sluggishness in one or both systems.

Be sure to test the controls in Photoshop before making the move. I’ve been using PS in a VM on another machine and the remote control really struggles with the cursors in Photoshop. An example: My cursor completely disappears when using a brush over a certain size. I suspect that this should be different in Virtual Box on your local machine, but it’s something I’d test beforehand.

Also make sure you’re legally acquiring Photoshop etc etc etc.

FYI Have you considered DaVinci Resolve Wendi from Level1 posted a comparison and Resolve is hands down better well engineered. both editing and rendering are better running on the same specs as PS. See it vlog :

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I have Photoshop running in a VM no problems. The VM has 4GB of RAM, 40GB of Disk, and 2vCPU. Running in Virtualbox. Try it!